Continuous Cover Forest Association unites all forest owners who want to manage their forest profitably and to maintain biodiversity in their forest.

The aim is to maximise the area of Estonia’s forests managed by continuous cover techniques, and to form a nation-wide network of forests retaining their ecological, economic, social, and emotional value.

What we offer to our members:

  • Drafting continuous cover forest management plans.
  • Finding suitable partners for logging and other forestry works.
  • Help forest owners to reduce logistics and operational costs by jointly conducting forestry works in the same area.


Püsimetsaühistu is a commercial association (tulundusühistu). Each  member has one vote in the association’s General Meeting (regardless of the size of the contribution, forest land area or other factors).


To join Püsimetsaühistu, please read and agree to our Core Values>>> and Constitution>>> (which for now are unfortunately only available in Estonian). Please send us an e-mail indicating that you agree to our core values and that you are interested in joining Püsimetsaühistu: info@pysimetsayhistu.ee. We will reply to you with an affiliation agreement.